Each state is different, but at NYRA the purse distribution is allocated in the following way:

  • 55 percent of the total purse to the winner
  • 20 percent to second place
  • 12 percent to third place
  • 6 percent to fourth place
  • 4 percent to fifth place
  • 3 percent divided among the remaining runners

ZRS will post a fully detailed purse earnings credit to each partner’s account usually the day after a race. 

Trainer and jockey commissions vary based on trainer and placing.

ZRS receives a 5% commission on gross earnings for 1st through 3rd place, and 4th through 5th place in a stake race. 

ZRS also receives 5% on any other revenue stream, such as but not limited to any stallion/breeding revenue or any sale on a horse above its original purchase/claim price.

New York-bred Incentive Program

The New York-bred incentive program offers significantly higher rewards for foals by New York-based sires.

For horses competing in open company, owners are eligible to receive a 20% bonus on purse money earned for first through third place with a New York-sired horse. A non-New York-sired horse is eligible in open company for a 10% bonus if it finishes first through third.


Typically, training expenses in NY average $40-50,000 per year. ZRS invoices monthly, replicating the way a traditional owner gets billed. A partner can expect to pay about $40-50.00 each month for each 1% of ownership. We ask for one-month of expenses up-front, which is held in reserve and refunded at the end of the partnership.

ZRS bills each partner a flat $10 per month for administrative/accounting work, and approximately $2 for each percent owned to cover our operating/overhead expenses.

All of our billing is done through Horsebills.com



Eveything is paperless and payments can be easily made online via credit card or eCheck/ACH. Invoices can be downloaded to PDF and printed. Checks can be mailed to us as well.

Below is a sample of an actual invoice.


Check Request

Partners may request a check at anytime for any credit balance on their account once credit memos/invoices have been distributed for a particular period. 

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Racing Statistics

Winning isn't easy. While the majority of racehorses lose money and many barely break even, we assure you our team prides ourselves in knowing what kind of performance we can expect our horses to deliver and we have a strong understanding of race placement. Our results have and will continue to prove that.

As of October 8, 2022

Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Win% ITM% EPS
682 124 112 109 $6,085,444 18% 51% $8,923