Owning a racehorse will never cease to provide you with entertainment, but in addition to entertainment, thoroughbred ownership carries with it several benefits. From the perks associated with your thoroughbred license, to the behind the scenes action, ZRS wants you to experience it all. OwnerBenefits

Licensed perks include:

  • A NYS Thoroughbred License
  • Free entry into all NYRA tracks
  • Free Seating in Owners Section (Saratoga: Free Gen. Adm. Only)
  • Free Parking in Horseman’s lot (Including Saratoga!!!)
  • Paddock Access
  • Photographs with your horse in the Winner’s Circle 

We encourage your participation! You may read similar phrases on other partnership websites, but having been through the experiences of owning racehorses before, we can assure you that the service you receive, and the participation you experience will not be surpassed by any other partnership. We know what it is like, and we aim to make sure you get more than you were hoping for.  

You will have access to:

  • Trainers
  • Jockeys
  • Exercise Walkers
  • Grooms
  • As well as all schedules, photo's, DRF Pre-Race PP's, and continuous updates, as soon as we receive them 




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