What does ZRS do?

Our approach involves creating racing partnerships through the provision of fractional ownership in our horses to a select group of individuals, typically ranging from 10 to 25 people per horse.

Each partner acknowledges that their participation in each partnership is centered around the shared enjoyment of horses and the incredible value that comes from being a part of thoroughbred ownership. Through pooling their resources, partnerships are able to make this venture accessible and affordable for everyone involved.

When you choose to purchase a racehorse through a partnership like ZRS, you can effectively minimize the risk involved. This is accomplished by combining your funds with other partners, thereby spreading the financial burden. Just like you, your potential partners share a love for the sport but may not be willing to commit $60,000 annually towards horse racing expenses.

Engaging in horseracing entails inherent uncertainties. It is unwise to solely rely on a single horse that may not even perform well. By participating in partnerships, you can relish in the thrill and fulfillment of owning a racehorse without bearing the entire burden of ownership or the complexities of its daily operations.

The price range for the horses we purchase at auctions varies from $25,000 to $200,000. Claiming partnerships typically operate with a budget that falls between $10,000 and $50,000. Our primary objective is to secure the most skilled individuals that fit within our financial capabilities.

At ZRS, we understand that preferences can vary when it comes to partnership options. That’s why we offer two distinct models to cater to your needs. The majority of our partnerships operate under the Standard Model, where partners contribute their share of the horse’s price and ongoing expenses. In return, partners receive their share of race earnings. It’s important to note that the Standard Partnership Model requires a minimum participation rate of 3%.

Alternatively, we also provide the Zero Expense Model for those who prefer a different approach. Under this model, partners contribute their share of the horse’s price along with a one-time administrative/bookeeping cost of 15%. In this case, the trainer takes care of all expenses while retaining a larger portion of the earnings. It’s worth mentioning that the Zero Expense Model is applicable to a limited number of our claiming partnerships and requires a minimum participation rate of 5%. We strive to offer flexibility and options to ensure that our partnerships align with your preferences.

The ultimate determination of which horses will be included in our stable is made by Mike Piazza. He collaborates with the trainer and bloodstock agent to reach this decision.

ZRS generates revenue through three distinct channels. The initial avenue involves selling horses at a fair margin. The second method entails earning a percentage from the net purse earnings. Lastly, ZRS also obtains income by receiving commissions on horse sales that surpass the original purchase price, as well as commissions on stud and breeding fees.

At ZRS, we aim to simplify the licensing process for you by providing all the necessary documents, such as the state application, directions, and fingerprinting cards. Additionally, we take care of submitting your application on your behalf to ensure a seamless experience. The entire process typically takes between two to four weeks, depending on the time of the year. In certain cases, we even offer the convenience of in-person license processing at the track. Moreover, we are committed to assisting you in obtaining your credentials and parking pass.

Certainly! We strongly advocate for it! Every track offers its own allure, and we are committed to ensuring owners experience every single facet of it. Whether it’s exploring the backstretch or engaging with trainers, there is an endless array of delights to enjoy while observing your horses in training.

Complete transparency is maintained with the owners regarding the development and management strategies of their horses. Regular email/text updates will be dispatched as frequently as possible, encompassing comprehensive information about training progress, veterinary procedures, race scheduling, and other pertinent details.

Monthly charges for training and various expenses will be invoiced at the conclusion of each month. The invoice will provide a comprehensive breakdown of all costs incurred during that particular month, encompassing veterinary services, training fees, transportation charges, and more. Additionally, you will receive credit memos on a monthly basis, which will reflect the earnings from your horse’s participation in races. This ensures that you do not have to wait until the end of the year to ascertain your horse’s winnings.

In the event that your winnings exceed the expenses, you have the option to request a check, which will be promptly mailed to you. Owning racehorses comes with the added benefit of enjoying the perks of their winnings.

Partnerships for two-year-olds are initiated in March and extend until late May or early June. Similarly, partnerships for yearlings are established between August and November. Claiming partnerships, on the other hand, are formed regularly throughout the year.

ZRS primarily competes in New York, yet frequently participates in races held at various tracks across Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, and beyond. Moreover, we are prepared to transport our chosen horses to any track as deemed suitable.


Jockeys are compensated each mount they ride. The standard fee for each mount is typically $125. This fee is given to jockeys who do not secure a first, second, or third place finish. In the event that a jockey guides the winning horse, they are entitled to receive an amount equivalent to 10% of the winning owner’s portion of the total prize money. Similarly, the second place jockey receives 5% of the owner’s share of the second place prize money, while the third place jockey receives 5% of the owner’s share of the third place prize money. Trainers, on the other hand, usually receive 10% of the owner’s share for any finishes in the top three positions, and sometimes for fourth and fifth place finishes as well. Additionally, the assistant-trainer, groom, and exercise rider may also receive 1% of the earnings. 

ZRS now offers mortality insurance for the purchase price of horses obtained through auctions or private sales. These insurance policies are regularly reviewed and adjusted based on the horses’ performance. Generally, claiming horses are not insured, but if a horse becomes a stakes horse, it may be eligible for coverage. In the event that ZRS decides against purchasing mortality insurance, all owners have the option to obtain it for their horses.

Setting ourselves apart from the crowd, we prioritize maintaining direct and consistent communication with all our partners. We go the extra mile by providing them with detailed email updates, which frequently feature photos and HD videos of their horses. If you happen to come across any ZRS partners at the track, don’t hesitate to inquire about the caliber of our communication. They will attest to the difference we make. This is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition.

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