Issues with Entry Race Dates

I want to highlight the discrepancies in the rules regarding dirt races and NYB turf dates.  It is concerning to see certain horses being able to run multiple times within a short period, while others are left waiting on the AE list for extended periods.


These rules seem to be disproportionately affecting NY owners and creating an uneven playing field.


Note: entries for the examples I outline can be found here.


Let’s take a closer look at the entries of TONGUE TWISTER‘s (last ran 4/26) race #7. I find it quite perplexing that there is a rule that dirt races do not count towards your NYB turf date, as evidenced by SENDERA‘s case.


This horse participated in a scheduled dirt race on 5/18, and surprisingly, that date does not count against her. Additionally, the horse also ran an off-the-turf race on 5/11 (I understand why these do not count against you).


Consequently, SENDERA has been able to compete three times within a span of just four weeks! On the other hand, several horses on the AE list haven’t raced at all since April, February, and even as far back as November 23.


It is unfair to prioritize NY owners who have already chosen to run their horses twice since 5/11 over those who haven’t had the opportunity to race at all.


To make matters worse, Juan Bernardini’s horse TONE OF SILENCE has not raced since November 2023, yet it is listed as the 4th AE.


Now, let’s shift our attention to SONIC SPEED (last ran 5/3) race #9. John Kimmel’s horse, STARQUIST, made the decision to race in a scheduled dirt race on 5/18. Surprisingly, that race does not count against his turf date.


Tom Morley’s other horse, MIRACLE MIKE, raced on 5/4, and somehow, that horse receives preference over us and others. Do you know why? If you choose to run your NYB in an open company race, even if you win, that date is not counted against you.


Apart from all this, I haven’t even addressed the other issue of how many owners entered these races and were EXCLUDED from even having the chance of drawing in.


NY owners encounter yet another obstacle, which is the resetting of the “0 date” whenever we transition between NYRA meets. The meets are too brief to warrant frequent resets of the dates.


It’s disappointing to see the slogan “it pays to own NY-breds” promoting NYB ownership as the current system is punishing NY owners rather than providing a fair and balanced opportunity for all.


Thank you,

Mike Piazza

ZIlla Racing Stables