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Zilla Racing Stables (ZRS), established in June 2012, offers a unique opportunity for individuals to have a complete ownership experience through fractional ownership. Situated in close proximity to Saratoga Springs, a place deeply rooted in the tradition of American horse racing, our passion for thoroughbred racing runs deep. By partnering with us, you can relish the benefits of thoroughbred ownership at a fraction of the cost.


We pride ourselves on being the ideal partnership for those who yearn to delve into the inner workings of horse racing. Just as impassioned fans purchase season tickets to support their favorite sports teams, we encourage potential partners to view their association with ZRS in a similar light. This approach guarantees utmost satisfaction and should be the primary motivation for getting involved.


Owning a racehorse is an exhilarating adventure filled with endless excitement. So why remain on the sidelines when you can become an integral part of the Ultimate Racing Experience? Take the leap and join us on this thrilling adventure.



Ownership Benefits

NYRA Credentials, clubhouse admission, AND Winner’s circle access

About our purse distribution, Trainer and jockey commissions, and more

we make ownership accessible with a wide range of financial capacity

Ownership Benefits​

Owning a racehorse is a never-ending source of entertainment, but it also comes with a multitude of other advantages. As a licensed owner in New York, you will be granted NYRA credentials and a badge, which open the doors to a range of exclusive benefits. With your NYRA credentials badge, you will enjoy complimentary access to the clubhouse at all NYRA tracks. Additionally, you will have access to the owners section seating at Belmont and Aqueduct, while Saratoga offers free clubhouse admission only. Furthermore, you will be provided with free horseman’s parking, including at Saratoga, and you will receive paddock passes, granting you access to the inner sanctum of the racecourse.

Moreover, as a thoroughbred owner, you will have the privilege of experiencing the thrill of the winner’s circle firsthand. You will be granted access to this prestigious area, where you can celebrate your horse’s victories in style. You will also receive full access to the restricted barn area, allowing you to closely observe the training and care of your horse(s). This access also extends to the barn staff, including trainers, riders, grooms, and hotwalkers, providing you with the opportunity to interact with the professionals who play a crucial role in your horse’s success. Additionally, you will have the freedom to personally visit your horse(s) and witness their progress and well-being firsthand.

In addition to the benefits offered by NYRA, owning a horse with ZRS brings its own set of advantages. As a ZRS partner, you will receive login credentials to their restricted web portal, private text groups, granting you access to a wealth of information and updates. This includes immediate and informative updates, complete with full vet-work disclosure, ensuring that you are always well-informed about your horse’s health and well-being. You will have access to breeze schedules (when available) in advance, allowing you to plan and prepare for your horse’s upcoming races. ZRS also provides high-quality pictures and breeze videos, allowing you to witness your horse’s training sessions and assess their performance. Additionally, you will receive detailed online invoices with convenient online payment options, making the financial aspects of ownership hassle-free. ZRS also offers monthly credits for purse earnings, and you can request a check for any credit balance.

Being a ZRS partner opens the door to invites to join us at the yearling and two-year-old sales, providing you with the opportunity to explore and potentially acquire new horses. 

The advantages of affiliating with ZRS are abundant. However, it is important to emphasize another significant benefit, which is the opportunity to foster long-lasting friendships that will enrich this exhilarating experience and endure for a lifetime.

Earnings & Expenses

Check Request

Partners have the option to request a check for any credit balance on their account whenever they desire, as long as credit memos/invoices have been distributed for a specific period.


The distribution of earnings at varies from state to state. However, at NYRA, the purse is divided in the following manner:

– The winner receives 55 percent of the total purse.

– Second place is awarded 20 percent of the total purse.

– Third place is given 12 percent of the total purse.

– Fourth place receives 6 percent of the total purse.

– Fifth place is granted 4 percent of the total purse.

– The remaining runners share 3 percent of the total purse.

Following each race, ZRS will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the prize money earned to each partner’s account. Typically, this is done within a day of the race; however, certain tracks may hold the funds for a maximum of two weeks. The commissions for trainers and jockeys vary based on the trainer and the horse’s placement in the race. Most trainers charge a 10% commission along with a 2-3% bonus for the staff closely involved in the horse’s care, such as the groom and assistant trainer.

ZRS, on the other hand, receives a 5% commission on the total earnings for horses finishing in the top three positions, as well as for horses securing the fourth or fifth place in a stake race. Furthermore, ZRS also obtains a 5% commission on any additional revenue streams, including stallion/breeding revenue or any sales made on a horse above its original purchase or claim price.

New York-bred Incentive Program

Owners of New York-bred (NYB) horses competing in races against open company ($30,000 claim price minimum) are entitled to receive a 10% bonus on the purse money earned for finishing in the top three positions.

The incentive program for NYB provides considerably greater incentives for foals sired by stallions based in New York. If the horse is not only a NYB but also sired by a NYB stallion, the bonus is doubled to an impressive 20%!


On average, the annual training expenses in NY amount to $50,000. ZRS adopts a billing system similar to that of a conventional owner, invoicing partners on a monthly basis. For every 1% of ownership, a partner can anticipate a monthly payment of around $50.00. To initiate the partnership, we request one month’s worth of expenses in advance, which is held as a reserve and subsequently refunded at the partnership’s conclusion.

In addition to the aforementioned charges, ZRS imposes a fixed fee of $10 per month on each partner for administrative and accounting tasks. Furthermore, an approximate amount of $2 is billed for every percentage of ownership to cover our operational and overhead expenses.

Horsebills serves as the dedicated platform for all our billing operations, guaranteeing a secure and reliable experience for our clients.

Price Structure

Zilla Racing Stables has been built on a foundation of transparency since its establishment in 2012. Our commitment lies in providing our partners with accurate and timely information to enhance their ownership experience.

When it comes to offering fractional ownership opportunities, we often receive inquiries about the pricing structure and why the total cost of shares exceeds the initial purchase price of the horse. It is important to understand that, similar to any purchase, there are various factors contributing to this difference, which we will outline here.

Upon acquiring a horse, ZRS incurs additional expenses such as the commission of bloodstock agents, veterinary costs including thorough X-ray examinations and scoping for each horse on our shortlist, mortality insurance, and expenses associated with sales operations. Once the purchase is finalized, there are further costs involved in marketing and promotion to secure the necessary capital for full syndication of the new acquisition. By incorporating a reasonable mark-up on horses, we ensure that ZRS has the financial resources to enhance and expand our operations.

Our aim is to strike a balance between making ownership accessible to individuals with diverse financial capacities while striving to compete at the highest levels in this esteemed sport. If you have any inquiries regarding our pricing structure, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information provided below.

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