Purchasing horses at auctions with the intention of participating in races

Acquiring a yearling with the aim of selling it at a future auction

Privately acquiring horses that are actively racing

Breeding with the purpose of either racing or selling their offspring

Claiming racehorses actively participating in races

Auction Purchases

The period from March to May is expected to witness the arrival of new additions to the 2-year-old auction purchases for the year 2024.

Claiming Partnerships

Claiming partnerships are formed continuously throughout the year. We usually send out claim offerings by email/text the day of the race we plan to claim from.

Claims are on a first-come first-serve basis with claiming prices generally in the range of $20,000-$50,000 with a 3% minimum.

To be notified of upcoming opportunities: Click here to email or call/text us (518) 366-8999.

We offer two types of claiming partnerships:

Standard Format

No-Expenses Format

Private Purchases

The process of trying to acquire horses currently racing can be quite challenging. The issue at hand revolves around the owners’ inherent reluctance to sell their talented racehorses, unless they are adequately compensated. Unfortunately, this presents a considerable obstacle given the constraints of our budget. However, we are committed to intensify our endeavors in this specific area.

Pinhooking Partnerships

The practice of pinhooking involves purchasing a young horse, like a yearling, with the intention of selling it later on, ideally at a profit at a future 2-year-old in training sale. It is anticipated that pinhooking opportunities will arise during the upcoming fall season.

Breeding Partnerships

The breeding of racehorses has not been within our scope thus far, but we have a future plan to enter this arena, with a tentative timeline of late 2024.

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